How to Shop for Sustainability

Our diet starts in the kitchen. Sustainability starts at the source. So how do we shop to save the environment? My top tips are below:

  1. Shop local, and I mean shop locally for EVERYTHING! Your local markets will have locally sourced produce, sure. But think bigger. Clothes, household items, cleaning products, make up, cars, the whole shebang.
  2. Only buy what you need. Do you NEED that new book/movie/recipe book? Your local library is not only free to join, but allows you to borrow any number of current top reads or feature film. I know there is no pleasure like curling up with your favourite book and reading during downtime, but not every book is your favourite. Utilise the services around you to ensure resources and your money is not wasted on unnecessary items.
  3. Branch out for inspiration. I found myself doing this on the weekend. Apps like Meetups have groups of people in your area meeting up to discuss sustainability in all of its aspects.
  4. Go prepared. This might seem silly, but how many times have you stepped out on a shopping trip only to realise you are thirsty or in want of a coffee? The packaging that these items come in adds to unnecessary landfill. Invest in a good quality reusable coffee cup and a stainless steel or glass bottle and do not leave home without them! Reusable bags should also be permanently in your handbag or car.
  5. Check the label. When you are out shopping at your local store (we all miss the farmers market from time to time!) keep an eye out for the “buy west eat best” label below that appears on many WA produced items. Image result for buy west wa

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